About the Artist

        Neal Drobnis’s creative efforts start with drawings, which are often informed by historic research. Then he carves and assembles templates that become a three dimensional palette.

      These shapes are pressed into specially prepared sand to create a mold for glass casting.  Molten glass is cast off a blown form into the mold. The piece is cooled and removed from the mold, in the process destroying the mold. When the loose sand is removed it leaves a wonderful granular texture and impression on the cast portion.

      The pieces are then reheated.  Some are reshaped at this point to give a sense of the fluid nature of the material. Others are molded shapes maintained to create a more ridged form. The pieces from this point on are guided by an “in the moment” response to the material and the environment. The results are a contrast between the predefined notions of casting and the expressionist possibilities of glassblowing.
All glassworks presented here are designed and made by Neal Drobnis in his studio. The glass blowing process is often done with the
help of a trained gaffer or assistant. Neal also shares his knowledge with local high school students who who are curious about the casting process and who often assist in his studio during busy production times.

       Neal received his BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and a MFA from Rhode Island School of Design.  His work is present in numerous public and private collections and is shown in galleries worldwide.

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